‘Amie helps with the cooking, cleaning, shopping and dog walking every week but for me having her as reassurance and someone I feel I can rely on is so important. She makes sure we go out as often as possible which I would find difficult to do without her due to health problems, always makes the time to chat with me and is always on hand to help with any problems that arise.’

‘I was agoraphobic for many years due to my fear of dogs and social anxiety. I had recently moved to a new town and knew no one. I got in touch with Amie for some support with setting up my utility bills as I found this very stressful. Amie touched on the idea of slowly introducing me to Rosko which at first brought me out in a sweat but after a while I liked the idea so she brought him round one day and after a few weeks I was out walking him around my local area on a lead. He is such a cutie that I couldn’t help but love him! Amie supported me for just over a year and helped with so many things which really helped build my confidence. I can now manage my bills, I am considering getting a dog and I am making new friends so I am forever thankful for getting in touch with Amie.’

‘Being partially sighted, living in the countryside nowhere near bus routes meant I was completely alone and cut off from the outside world, until Amie and Rosko came along. Rosko was a breath of fresh air and such good therapy for me as it gave me something to really look forward to every week it was nice to have a reason to use my garden again! Amie gave me the support and confidence I needed to become independent again, she got me in touch with the Association for the Blind and helped me to find social activities in my area, which now means I am out most of the time with my new found friends! I truly believe that Every Little Thing is a service like no other and I cannot recommend it highly enough, it has changed my life.’

'I wanted to thank you for your work with ******. She emails me regularly to tell me what’s she’s been doing & the fact that she went to meet her therapist, however stressful that was for her, was down to you & the incredible work you do. You are an amazing person & it’s rare to find someone who can do what you do. I just wanted to air my appreciation & let you know how highly thought of you are, changing people’s lives for the better is hard work, but you are definitely a master at that. Have a good weekend Thanks'

'I was so happy and excited last night when i got home that i had to call my sister to tell her i went out to get my own shopping and that i had fun while i was doing it - finally!'

'No words can describe the difference you and Every Little Thing has made to my life. From not going out and being on my own 99% of the time to going out twice a week with my worker. As a result my life has been turned around 180 degrees. I am walking more so my mobility is better, my confidence has been boosted no end and i feel like i have a friend, someone who listens, someone to talk too but most of all someone i can just have fun with. I can't imagine my life without you now and i hope i never have to.'